Koya Soho

There's no better way to start the day than with aromatic rice, grilled fish, and a cup of miso soup, which is both robust and light. Koya does just that, as well as a variety of other morning riffs that are as loyal to their origins as they are to their locale.

The English morning udon, a warming broth of fat udon noodles topped with a fried egg, bacon, and shiitake mushroom, is a salaryman's fantasy. While the umami-fest of kippers, egg, and "butter rice" with miso soup on the side is enough to keep anyone going till lunch.


The bacon naan bun with chilli tomato jam and cream cheese from this Bombay-style business is well-known. The bacon comes from Ramsay of Carluke, an award-winning producer, and the naan is served still warm with fresh herbs.

The Big Bombay combines spicy, award-winning sausages from Maynard's Farm, north of Ludlow (a tube meat destination), and masala-spiced baked beans for something a little more substantial. It's also worth finishing with a banana and mango lassi.


Charmingly rustic, real décor

In the context of its morning menu, it would be easy to write about Italo's charmingly rustic, real décor, its quiet Vauxhall location, and its raft of much-better-than-average deli mainstays, but it would be even easier to simply list off the following items.

Wild mushroom kitchari with the spiced hum-crunch of sev and acidic apple raita; a baked vacherin with potatoes, cornichons, and quince jelly During breakfast. Get in on the action.

House of Halwa Poori

On a crisp autumn Saturday morning on London Road, Halwa Poori House is already bustling.

The single digit hours are primarily for solo eaters, nighthawks, early risers, and weekend employees looking for a quick bite to eat before their families arrive to share warm bowls of nihaari and sticky haleem scooped up with bread.

Everyone is here, however, for the halwa poori, the prince's breakfast, which is served a la mode on a plastic platter divided into three sections, each containing calming channa (chickpeas), bitter potato, and sweet, carrot orange halwa.

Sunday Cafe & Restaurant

Arrive early

That's pretty about the only practical bit of advise for those trying to avoid one of the city's most ferocious lines, which is especially terrible for those who haven't gotten their daily dose of caffeine. Any additional advise is useless after you've walked through the door; there aren't many ways to go wrong with a morning brunch menu that's big on inventive-but-still-comforting items like buttermilk pancakes and corn fritters. Anything with smoked haddock, whether in a chowder or a ludicrously restorative riff on Welsh rarebit, may be the best course of action; a side of banana bread is also required. For the afternoon, avoid any intense activities.