Essential Coffee Shops in London

Essential Coffee Shops in London
Essential Coffee Shops in London

When it comes to coffee, London does not disappoint. While the typical cup of coffee consumed in London cafe on the corner may not reach the heights of Melbourne, Seattle, or any of the Scandinavian capitals, the number of outlets that look beyond the ordinary joe is steadily increasing. Workshop and Square Mile are the two biggest roasters in the city, with Dark Arts (Hackney), Assembly (Brixton), and Alchemy (Wimbledon) also participating. These are the brightest lights on the London scene, and they frequently seek inspiration as well as beans from roasters all throughout Europe and the United States. Because of coffee's baked-in takeaway model and the relative ease with which one-way measures, masks, and social distancing may be implemented, a conclusive list for the city can still be written, even if certain locations are only open for takeaway. Take a look at the greatest new coffee shops in London.

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Nigel and David Motley's new home in Battersea Park not only serves up gorgeous, meticulous Filipino baking, but also single-origin coffee from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar, places that specialty coffee has only recently begun to recognize or which are still mostly ignored. Guest roasts from Nomad in Barcelona are complemented by a natural Filipino coffee with peaches and caramel flavors.

Campbell & Syme Coffee Roasters Cafe

Campbell and Syme, one of the most reliable cafes in the game and a local favorite in East Finchley, is now open for business, serving two espressos and three filters from its rotating cast of single origin coffees. Currently, a macerated natural process coffee from Honduras and another from the well-regarded Aricha area in Sidamo, Ethiopia stand out.

Coffee in the Workshop

Coffee Workshop has beaten out former mini-chain rivals Taylor Street and Department of Coffee to become the city's best multi-location coffee operator. Milk drinks are soothing, espressos are delicious, and filters are consistently clean throughout all of the company's locations.


Even in the context of its second location on Eastcastle Street, the influence of this Fitzrovia cafe cannot be overstated. Another Square Mile institution, the initially short-lived (but now thankfully reinstated) guest espresso program brought international roasters to the heart of London, emphasizing the rarity and distinctiveness of the coffees offered by only being available on weekends. It's as easy as that: extraordinary consistency and a drive to innovate.

Omotesando Koffee

In London, specialty coffee, or drinks made with high-quality beans, accuracy, and, if wanted, milk tempered into supple smoothness, is easy to come by. Quality drinks prepared, explained, and served in a way that befits such drinks expressing something culturally distinct remain incredibly rare in specialty coffee. Omotesando, a newcomer from Japan, rejects the airspace aesthetic, favors involvement over efficiency, and mixes meticulous preparation with the echoes of Italian and Japanese espresso cultures.

Rosslyn Coffee

Rosslyn is an instance of how far London has come and where it can go, with firm roots in both Melbourne and London's specialty coffee communities, the former entrenched, the latter still evolving. Many of the establishments on this list will unofficially suggest a lighter, fruitier espresso straight and a deeper, more chocolaty espresso in milk. Rosslyn takes it a step further by choosing two distinct Origin coffees to seal the deal. Rosslyn might represent a pattern for the next phase in the evolution of specialty coffee in London, with a far-reaching guest program that looks to tradition, with Five Senses from Australia, and at the cutting edge, with La Cabra from Denmark.

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Essential Coffee Shops in London